Choosing the right computer case

Many people under estimates the importance of the computer case when building the next high performance PC, a computer case simply acts like a housing unit for all your PC components which plays a major role for your PC like the following:

  • Future upgrades
  • Cooling and airflow
  • Watercooling support
  • Driver Support
  • Physical space occupation on your desk
  • Style and looks

and many more!, usually you will get stuck with these facts for at least 1-2 years before deciding to upgrade, so carefully thinking about what suits you is vital for your comfort in the near future.

Size of case

Cases sizes depends on the motherboard size usually if its mini-ITX, micro-ATX, or Full ATX and in some cases E-ATX, in other words this acts like small, medium large and xl. we would leave the discussion of choosing your motherboard for a later topic but for now, once you decide on a size you need to check if the there is a room for your graphic card, since graphic cards now days are heavy and size hungry, so make sure your next case supports the size of your graphic cards with no issue.

Also check out the cable management support in these cases as many of the cheap one just disregard that by giving you no room to hide all those extra wires which would result in a smaller space that cause more heat inside, which would increase the temperatures to a level that would affect the performance of your PC, same thing goes to watercooling needed space, ease of access to parts incase you needed to change or add new components.

Air Flow & Cooling

One major selling point in all cases world wide is the ability to circulate air inside the case correctly without dead ends, computer processors such as CPU and GPU usually consume lots of energy and always release heat, so the more your on your PC gaming or working the higher demand on the processing power of your PC and usually this would cause them to release continuous heat which results in higher and higher temperatures that could reach over 100 degrees if you don’t have a proper cooling system, therefore PC shuts down, performance goes down as a safety measure to protect your expensive processors in a process called “Thermal Throttling”. So you can bypass all these issues by having a proper case well selected for its superior air flow, to quickly takes the heat out of your case at all times.

Style & Looks

Each one of us loves to look classy and special wearing the latest trends in sun glasses or shoes or you name it! same goes to computer cases, as they are not ugly any more! and they are on your desk staring at you all the time so they better look lovely or otherwise you would through them out!, the latest trends now is having a side transparent window where you can watch your amazing parts functioning and some would love to have RGB LEDs to just make it look fancier.

PC Performa contribution in choosing the right case for you

Our team at Performa PC consider’s each potential PC build as if its our own private job, we simply love buying the top notch cases for you world wide like NZXT, Phanteks, Thermaltake and many more! so incase you had any questions or doubts about your next build please feel free to contact us any time!