360MM Dabel-a series copper Radiator (Thick:40MM)

420.00 AED

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BARROW Dabel-40a series of red copper water cooling standard height of 40MM, suitable for high heat dissipation requirements of standard or large water cooler installation and use. The waterway is made of pure copper material, the brass of the water chamber and the fan mounting bracket are made of stainless steel. Has three kinds of length specifications, using 12 channel high density single wave finned tube design, design of +12 multi channel flat tube fin shape structure with high efficiency, heat transfer efficiency can provide better and more air contact area, help to improve and enhance the cooling capacity of cooling. Double sided double nozzle + bottom single nozzle combination of 5 interfaces, providing a wealth of expansion and practicality.

  • Suitable for installation 12CM cooling fan
  • Material: Copper + Brass + stainless steel
  • Quantity: 1PCS / only
  • Color: Black