BARROW 16*12 Normal PETG Tube( Length: 500MM) No Color


Material:  PETG /  Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol
Length: 500MM
Quantity: 1PCS

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BARROW series PETG according to the physical characteristics are divided into heat resistant type and room temperature type 2 tube material, the user according to their own actual situation to choose

Compared with the normal temperature type PETG high temperature resistant PEGT tube tube with lower thermal deformation critical index, therefore suitable for entry-level game player and batch installation operation, convenient cutting properties and short heating time can bend operation, can greatly improve the working efficiency
Compared with the normal temperature type PETG tube, the high temperature resistant PETG tube has the strongest heat resistance coefficient, the thermal deformation critical exponent is higher, the state is more stable, and the service life is longer.
With BarrowG1/4 “hard tube connection series connectors used
The diameter is more than 16MM, the tolerance is more suitable for the original accessories
Suitable for senior hard tube DIY user, the user will be cut to the appropriate pipe size, please at both ends of the primary grinding, be sure to keep the smooth incision not sharp, otherwise it will hurt the joint seal lead hazards
Barrow PETG pipes are strictly in accordance with the highest standards made, all products are used in the new production of raw materials, has the best transmittance, excellent heat resistance, high grade appearance quality, industry’s most stringent control standards and the scratch marks size roundness control standard, especially for the strict control to ensure the dimensional tolerances the best matching effect and joint, eliminate the problem caused by Water Leakage elliptic tube
Barrow original material, after the 2 end inside and outside chamfering, high dust, artificial checking, and use the new disposable seal package

Length of the new upgrade for the 500MM, the price is unchanged, the amount is not increased

OD16mm ID12mm


Material:  PETG /  Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol
Length: 500MM
Quantity: 1PCS


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