Ducky 31-Key Rubber Backlit Double Shot Keycap Set – Red Rubber

Personalize your Ducky Keyboard with different colour Keycaps!

Take your keyboard customization up a notch with this set of 31 rubber double shot keycaps, available in a vibrant color of your choice. Along with four arrow keys, a spacebar key, an escape keys as well as Ctrl and Alt keys.

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  • 31-Key Rubber Keycap Set
  • Rubber and transparent ABS Material
  • Textured rubber top provides excellent grip for gaming
  • Compatible with MX Style Switches
  • R4: Esc, Ducky Esc, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • R3: Q, W, E, R
  • R2: A, S, D, F
  • R1: 2.25u Left Shift, Z, X, C, V,
  • R0: Ctrl, Win, Alt, Spacebar, 4x Arrow Keys
  • ISO 1.25u Left Shift + 1u Backslash