Ducky One 2/ TKL/Speed Silver switch/English/PBT/Seamless double shot/Black keycaps/Black top case white bottom case/RGB LED

JOD130.00 JOD85.00

  • Switch type: Cherry MX sliver
  • Keycaps: Black Double Shot PBT
  • LED Backlighting: RGB
  • Size: TKL Size
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  • PBT Double Shot Keycaps
    PBT double shot keycaps will be an excellent choice for the office, casual use, and gaming. (Some Language come with ABS Laser engraved keycaps)
  • Narrow Bezel design
    Extremely narrow and thin frame design, which helps the space of placing keyboards, and makes it neat and tidy in visual.
  • Detachable cabledesign (Micro USB)
    Using with a detachable cable design, users are able to choose their favorite cable. Ducky uses the fastest rate available under the USB interface, and updates the keyboard’s status to the computer every 1 ms (millisecond). This minimize the delay when the keys are pressed and signal received by your computer.( 1ms = 0.001s )
  • Two-stage feet
    Users are able to change the angle for keyboard with the choice of three (feet folded, small feet and big feet).
  • Individual Indicator lights
    Individual indicator lights design, allow users to keep all key’s backlighting which turn to 100% backlighting, wave and other modes.


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