Multicolor New CD pattern Manual Exhaust Valve


The Barrow G1/4″ Thread Pressure Equalizer Stop Plug is designed to be used on top of your reservoir or another high point in your sytem to allow excess air and pressure build up to exhaust through the fitting.
Makes priming your system easier and helps eliminate air locks in your pump.

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As the water cooling system pressure exhaust device, be sure to install water outlet position, when you press the front button is unsealed exhaust state, as installed in the water outlet at the bottom of the tank can cause liquid coolant overflow tank installed in the upper position is recommended .

Instructions: Press the front button is exhausting,

Release the button, then automatically reset sealed

Material: Brass
External thread size: G1 / 4 (internationally accepted regulatory teeth)
Quantity: 1PCS

Available colors:

  • White ring with sapphire blue
  • Black Ring with classic black