RAM water block kits

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RAMWB-PA is designed for 1-4DIMM memory dedicated micro-channel block,  with transparent acrylic top cover, can present a very good cold liquid visual effect.
Built-in RGB lighting components, 6 LED lamp beads, light source can cover the whole cold head, better lighting effect.
Need to match Barrow memory heatsink component and use Barrow original accessories to ensure product compatibility
This product does not contain LED controller, RGB lighting system need one LED controller if need use it, please buy LED controller if need use RGB lighting system

The memory block kit (RAMWBT-PA) contains one block (RAMWB-PA) and two sets of memory heatsink component (RAMLA), which, if more than 2 DIMMs uses, please buy more memory heatsink component (RAMLA).

Rigid tube connectors shown on picture not included.

In case of product appearance structure upgrade without notice.


For 30mm standard height RAM only