Super large thickening game mouse pad with fine lockstitch borders/desk mat/keyboard pad

45.00 AED

Large 900mm x 400mm mouse pad with fine lock stitching on the board making it more durable.

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You’ll be gliding on justice with this extra large Barrow mouse pad! Premium fine lock stitching along the perimeter of the pad ensures unmatched performance and durability.
If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably smashed your keyboard in a simian rage when your mousepad makes an escape attempt. This can be costly in several ways, for one your keyboard probably doesn’t work anymore… Secondly, you will need to undergo the requisite therapy for the subsequent fugue state.
Fear not! The tough, no-slip grip on the underbelly of the pad secures the mousepad and your other peripherals from your potentially cataclysmic button smashing fervor.